Hair Permanents

Additional Info:

So you want a perm? But which one do I need for my hair type? Do I need an Alkaline base or Acid base? Do I need one for color treated hair? Which one do I need one for fine hair? Or coarse hair? What size perm rod or rods should I use? How large do I wnat my curls to be> How long do I leave the solution in my hair> These are only questions a professional trained cosmetologist can anwser for you.

At Z Hair Salon Marilyn and Rachelle, have over 48 years of perming experience between both of them.
If you want a soft look, they can create it. If you want tight curls they have a perm solution for you too. In fact, we have perm solutions for all hair types without drying out your hair out and permanents that leave your lookng and feeling healthy. Also with the right Redken take home product regimen of shampoo’s and conditioners they will help you get the maximium usuage of you perm and help protect your hair from the water impurities.

Also by using the correct stying tools and styling aids helps with the styling of your hair at home. Also Mariyln and Rachelle will offer valuable at home hair styling techniques that you should be able to achieve at home also.

Service Includes

  • Pre Perm Consultation
  • Custom Permanent Solution
  • Wrap Procedure
  • Rinse,Shampoo, Rinse
  • Additional Service Charges

  • Additional Charges may apply for extra Perm Solution.
  • **Haircuts are always an additional Amount with Permanents at the same time as service**
  • Deep Reconditioning or Corrective Conditioning of Hair
  • Long Hair Is Additional Service Amount. Please Inquire First to Service Cost.

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