Z Hair Salon was founded in August of 1996 by salon owners Glenn and Marilyn Binder. The original salon was started in historic Chalmette,LA just 9 miles from downtown New Orleans. We also have a second location in Slidell,La. which was opened in November 2005 after our original salon was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina on August 29,2005. We did reopened our Chalmette,La location in September 2008 and we currently operate two locations now.

About Our Salon Owners

  • Marilyn Binder
  • Salon owner and comsetologists Marilyn Binder brings 36 years of experience to the art of hair styling and science of hair coloring. Marilyn knew at ehe age of 14 that she was going to make a career at hair styling. She states ” I used to pratice on my friends and family before I went to costentology school and many of them are my clients still my clients until today”.

    Marilyn continues on to say, “I like my career because I enjoy tlaking and helping people to look better. Taking a client who is unhappy with their hair and seeing them leave happy is very rewarding for me”.

  • Glenn Binder
  • Mostly known as Marliyn’s husband has been the silent owner. Founder of the name, concept, and originator of Z Hair Salon and the web site Z Hair Salon. Although not a hair stylist, Glenn’s role as part owner of Z Hair was the maintaining the website, salon product inventory, retail sales, and accounting for 16 years.

    In 2011, Glenn decided to relinquished his daily role in Z Hair management and decided to drive professsionally again as a chauffeur. And at the same time fulfilled his dream of the salon being more vocal and involved with our clients who have showed a great interest in the two charitable organizations that the salon supports: Children’s Hopechest and The Friends of the Good Samaritian School in Jasola, India.

  • Since 2009, Glenn has been able to travel with Children’s Hopechest to Uganda twice (2009)(2012) India 2010) and Three times to the Friend of the Godd Samaritian School in Jasola, India. 2010 2011 and 2012 to help with the work that the salon supports.