Frequently Asked Question

Marilyn what is your favorite product to use?

Answer: One of my favorite products to use is Redken’s “Thickening Lotion”. She says, “I like it because it is in-between a mousse and gel and its not too heavy on the hair”. “It gives the hair incredible thickness and control”.

How long have been you been a cosmetologists?

Marilyn has over 34 years experience and Rachelle has over 11 years of experience. For more indepth information visit their stylist bio’s.

Why do you only use Redken Hair Color?

We believe Redken is the best professional haircoloring products availiable. Redken provides us with the much needed science along with the continous education to keep our skills the best they can be. They are also constantly introducing products to improve the quality and condition of the hair.

How do keep up with the latest hairstyles?

We attend various education seminars and advance classes throughout the year sponsored by our various distributors. We also subscribe to many trade magazines to view the newest haircuts and cutting techniques.

What do you charge for your services?

Our prices vary from service to service. So please check our services menu page.

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