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October 7, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Summer officially ended September 21 in North America and on September 22 we officially entered into another season of autumn. Autumn is beautiful time of the here in North America. Its a time of the year where the leaves fall trees and other tree leafs turn color s with brilliant colors of reds, oranges, plum purple, yellows, tans ands browns. The sky ion some days are bluer and sunny, and autumn is a favorite year or many.

I see autumn is a season that speaks of change. A change in nature and a time for us to change or learn something we can change about our self.

Such as the pecan tree in my backyard. In about four to six weeks the pecans protected by a green soft shell right will start too hardened as those weeks go by. By the mid October the pecans will be mature enough to start falling off the tree unto the ground ready to be eaten in two more weeks. The leaves in the tree will turn green to brown and begin to fall.

Enough pecans will fall to the ground for a harvest, to make pecan pies, praline candies, or to eat, and some will fall seed,
Then after four weeks the harvest is over, and the tree is barren. The leaves have all fallen; the pecans have fell, and now its time to prune the tree for next year.

Once again, I see autumn is a season that speaks of change. A change in nature and a time for us to change or learn something we can change about our self.

In late August to September 13 I went to the Good Samaritan School New Delhi, India to volunteer at the school and the school is one of our salon charities that we support, the theme of one of my presentations was Character Change/ Change Though Metamorphosis.

Now’s there’s 5 stages of a caterpillar’s growth. Each stage has a purpose and designed for the caterpillar as he eats and grow, and melts, to the next stage, 2,stage 3, stage 4, and when the caterpillar arrives to stage 5( which is also known as pupa) he turns upside down on a branch and spins the cocoon in which he will lay for 5-7 days. This is where the metamorphosis change takes place, now please take note here: No scientist can tell you what is going on inside of there. There’s no camera small enough to fit inside it either. Any attempt to get inside before its gestation kills the butterfly.

So after seven 7 days the beautiful butterfly emerges flapping its wings drying them off to take off. Soon in two hours the butterfly flies off toward its new purpose pollinating flowers, fruits, and trees.

To be continued…………

December 27,2013

Hi Everyone,

Well another year is ending and we welcome 2014.

The ending of 2013 is a time of the year where I like to find a quiet spot in my home and reflect on the many blessings that Providence has bestowed upon my life the past year. I am very grateful for my family and friends. I like to look at my own failures and many short comings as opportunites to learn and grow, but most of all I look to them as a way to keep myself in a mindful state of humlity throughout the year.

Some of us may have expereinced the loss of a loved one or a personal friend in 2013. I know some of us may also enter into the New Year with financial, family, health, relational, or spiritual problems.

I know the feelings heart ache, tears, and the problems of life do not take vacations when a New Year changes.

This is why I believe we should consider to enter 2014 with a mindful attitude of hope and a spiritual heart of Hope.


I Hope we believe in something greater than ourselves to help carry us through the difficult moments and trials in our lives.

Hope never takes a vacation. But if it does it is because we allow it to. But when it does, remember we can call a family member, a friend, a professional, or clergy for encouragement.

I believe in the healing power of hope and the endurance of hope.

I Hope for a better world.

Hope is always promising for a better tomorrow if we believe in it today.

Hope always has a future, and its the here and in the now.

Hope makes a difference in your life and in the life of others.

Hope will change your life and the lives of others.

Hope and Love will always triumph over evil.

So, let Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity, be a part of your Life for 2014.

Much Love,

Glenn & Marilyn

April 28,2013

I awoke this morning wondering if most people awake with a deep richness in their thoughts thinking about being involved in a human endeavor that is greater than themselves and if they do what is it?

Sure, first and first priority will be caring for your family. But what I’m communicating transcends into your very spirit, into your very soul and intellect. By asking yourself the personal question, “is there anything I can do locally or globally to help change a human life by giving a small of me or a small amount of money”?

Americans are giving people my nature. I would be believe that most people in America can volunteer some amount of time to a local non-profit group of their choice, and most people can afford to give $5,10,15,25 a month to a worthy cause of their choice.

So why do I bring the subject up? Because most of the clients at Z Hair Salon have stated to me that they want to be involved with giving to a charity or charities. But the problem they were facing like so many of other people is who do they trust with their financial giving? Their second concern was they wanted to know that the money they were giving was going to the cause they are giving to. These two concerns stop many people from giving to many worthy causes.

Our salon choose to start informing our clients of two reputable charities that I supported personally and how I was going to started traveling with the organizations to learn about the charities and the projects they support. By doing this hands on approach, it gave an opportunity to learn about the organizations, their purpose, their mission statement, and accountability. Then I felt that I can responsibly can report back to our salon clients what I have learned about what the people and organizations.

It took over two years for a trust relationship to be form when our clients saw that I was committed to the two organizations then they became committed with me. And now through a cooperative alliance with our salon clients and we have been able to form a partnership of goodwill in helping two charitable organizations: Children’s Hopechest and The Friends of the Good Samaritans School in Jasola, India.

Therefore since 2009, Z Hair Salon has been working and supporting these two charities: Children’s Hopechest and The Friends of the Good Samaritan School in Jasola, India. I have been able to travel with Children’s Hopechest to Uganda twice (2009)(2012) Once to the Good Samaritan School in India 2010) and He has traveled alone twice to serve at the Friend of the Good Samaritan School in Jasola, India. 2011 and 2012.

Through a relational friendship and support that I have developed with the Friends of the Good Samaritan School in Jasola, India, I now travel there once year to serve under the direction of Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh and support the students and staff of the school. My next trip to India is September 2013 in which this year Marilyn will be going with me. Marilyn and I will be teaching physical education, Arts and Crafts, Reading skills, English, Life Skills and Goal Setting at various grade levels. Marilyn will also be teaching various hair braiding techniques to the girls. This a trip that we both are looking forward to later in the year.

So when I wake up in the morning I think about the four students our salon sponsors who are getting a education right now in Jasola, India. And I think about the lives that are being changed by the sustainable Goat project that our salon clients supported by purchasing the Ten goats for the village of Nyada, Uganda. Its brings us great joy to be involved with helping others.